The Italians are known for delight in food, but that does not mean they agree with the excess of kilograms.

The body line is also supported by a daily 15 minute driveway that everyone can copy, reports Telegraph.

Italians have relaxed access to food and consume whatever they want: bread, pies, ice cream, wine …

Calories control them in the way that they eat common foods, eat less apples and sauces and eat small portions.

Due to this type of eating, Italians are not obliged to have diets, nor do they practice them, but to have thin hair they use a truck that is actually part of Italian culture – whenever they are able to go to short walk, usually 15 minutes.

In addition to helping you lose weight, walking strengthens your muscles and strengthens your blood vessels, relieves your accumulated stress, and also provides a high quality sleep.

If you want to lose weight and remove the layers of the skin and bring your body into shape, you do not have to apply strict diet or exercise in modern gyms.

Walking is the simplest and healthier way that everyone can and everywhere can deal with. You can achieve the best results for the removal of the kilograms from 30 to 45 minutes.

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